Friday, March 15, 2019


MAR 3 - Mar 9, 2020

Sponsored by the Arizona Muzzle Loading Association 
Held at Ben Avery Shooting Range Arizona

This shoot was organized to give black powder shooters in the west the opportunity to compete on a national scale. The first shoot, held in 2019 was a success with black powder shooters from all over the country participating. Shooting fees were a flat $70.00 for as many aggregates as you could shoot. There was also no NMLRA membership requirement. The dress code on the Primitive Range was not as rigid as it has often been which can be costly nor was there insistence on the use of wooden ramrods which can be unsafe. The trailwalk was not easy and was changed each day so that there could be a different winner each day.  Weather was great, mostly sunny and warm. A shining time was had by all.

Instead of medals or plaques certificates were handed out. The awards ceremony went much faster as each person who won something was called to come get all of their certificates at once for everything they entered and won. 

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