Friday, March 15, 2019

International Postal Match 

Sponsored by the Upper Peninsula Muzzle Loaders Michigan

We shot our first postal match target of the year at the Jan 18 2020 rifle shoot.

How it works:  Each month, each shooter who shows up at a meeting of a participating club fires six shots at a paper target distributed individually for that month's competition. All who shoot are considered to be "on the team" for their club for that month. All shooters at an individual club should fire at the same time and place. There are no "make-up"targets for absent shooters. Numbers of individuals who shoot at any of the clubs can vary from month to month. Management of the monthly shooting event for each club (time, day, place, etc.) is left to the club.

Targets are placed 25 yards from the firing line. Firearms should be traditional sidehammer or underhammer rifles or smoothbores, either flintlocks or caplocks. Open sights only. Patched roundball only. The five highest scoring shots on each target will be counted toward the individual target score of 50 points maximum.

After the monthly shoot, each club mails the targets from all of its shooters to the UPMLA competition scorer. The five highest-scoring targets from each club are totaled to make up the club score for that month.

The scorer will tabulate the scores of the targets of each shooter in each club, and send results showing scores of all the shooters to the coordinator of each club. Every shooter can then see the scores of every other shooter in all the clubs.


Tim - 50X     Paul R - 48     Charlie - 47     Alan - 50X     Kirk - 50X     Sherry - 49XX                         

Steve - 50XX     Kasey - 49      JoAnn - 48X     Ron - 50X

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