Monday, November 12, 2018

November Rifle Turkey Shoot

Saturday, November 17 2018

Shooting at paper turkey targets will win a prize but not a turkey! Highest score per relay wins. No one wins twice - second highest winner on following relays win prizes. 

December Rifle Shoot - Blanket Shoot

Saturday, December 15 2018

Bring a wrapped gift for the "blanket". Black powder related is nice but not required. Edibles and beverages are popular. Gift should be equivalent to the cost of a can of powder and something you would like for yourself. Highest overall score picks first - other shooters in descending order. Please no white elephants.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Mtn Ranch Rendezvous at Railroad Flat 

October 5 - 7 2018

SCML Participants

Sherry Pennell
Mike Ostrander
Paul Nicca
Don Fraser
Patrick Rogers
Tim Ochsner

    Sherry and Mike left mid-day on Wednesday and hit a deluge of rain with lightning outside of Stockton. At times it was coming down so hard that it was difficult to see the lane markings. As they headed further east the rain diminished and had stopped by the time they hit RR Flat around 9:00 p.m. Paul had his camp set up and the ground looked pretty dry until the rain started up again at 3:30 a.m. and continued on until early afternoon. The ground did not get as muddy as it sometimes has and the remainder of the days were sunny and crisp and definitely autumnal.

    October is trail walk only: rifle, pistol, trade gun with trade gun birds and hawk and knife. The climax on Sunday were the awards of Mt Man and Mtn Woman. In order to qualify one has to enter each of the 3 trail walks. SCML grabbed both awards.

Tim ** Mtn. Man 
Sherry ** Mtn. Woman

Men's Pistol Trail  
 Tim Ochsner - 16 - 1st place
Paul Nicca - 13- 4th place 

 Women's Pistol Trail  
Sherry Pennell - 15 - 1st place

Men's Rifle Trail   
Rusty McGhee - 25 - 1st place
Paul Nicca - 19 - 6th place  
Tim Ochsner - 18 - 10th place

  Women's Rifle Trail 
Sherry Pennell - 13 - 4th place

Men's Flintlock Trail 
Tim Ochsner - 22 - 2nd place 
Paul Nicca - 17 - 3rd place

Trade Gun Trail with Birds 
Tim Ochsner - 12 - 3rd place
Paul Nicca - 11 - 4th place

Men's Hawk & Knife
Tim Ochsner - 18 - 3rd place
Paul Nicca - 7 - 5th place

Women's Hawk & Knife 
Sherry Pennell - 2 - 1st place


October Pumpkin Pie Rifle Shoot - October 20, 2018 

     Buy or bake a pumpkin or other favorite pie for the rifle shoot. There will be a pie for each match - one pie per winner.

November Turkey Rifle Shoot Nov 17, 2018 

Shoot for turkey gift cards - one per winner

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Final Results From the UPML International Postal Match

SCML rifle shooters enjoyed this international postal match sponsored by the Upper Peninsula Muzzle Loaders in Michigan. 

The targets were different each month and some were not as easy as they looked. We shot well for Jan and Feb coming in at 1st place, loosing by 1X in March but coming back to 1st in April before we blew it in May and June. 

We did come in 2nd place overall being beaten by some hardy Canadians. I'd say that we are looking forward to participating again.

For more on the UPML International Postal Match visit their web site at:

click on events then  Go to Information Page for 2018 Events

Photos of NMLRA Friendship IN 

from Tim Ochsner

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

August 18 Mini Rendezvous

Trail Walk in the Corralitos Redwoods 

0900 Saturday August 18, 2018

Kirk and Kathy Mathews' - 1200 Katie Lane, Corralitos

Shoot fee - $6.00

This is a blanket shoot and hawk and knife trail walk combined. Bring a potluck dish to share. Blanket prizes do not have to be shooting related but should be equal to the value of a pound of powder. 

If you are bringing a guest to shoot please contact RO Alan Ross and Host Kirk Mathew.


Results to Date of International Postal Match

Go to the Upper Peninsula Muzzle Loaders Home page here:

Go to: news and notes to see the list of competing clubs and scores to date. We shot our May target on our regular shoot day May 20.