Thursday, October 2, 2014

Former SCML member Alan Giardina relocated to Missouri. It didn't take him long to find a group to shoot with, Barren Fork Traditional Muzzleloaders. Alan sent this email and photo.
Joined a muzzleloading club Saturday and attended my first shoot.  Shot four matches. One at 25 yards, two at 50 and one at 100.  Very nice facility.  Can shoot targets out to 100 yards ( took the second place ribbon in that match ).  The loading and shooting line is all covered so you can shoot in the shade and rain doesn't slow you down, it rains a lot here.  Anyway, nice friendly people much like Scott's Valley.  Some pretty good shots also, kinda like Scott's Valley, if you don't shoot at least a 48 you're not going to place.  Shot a 47 3X my first match and didn't place, just like shooting with you.  Please tell everyone hello and will lobby for a postal match in the future.