Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Western States Blackpowder Shoot 

The Oregon National Territorials

Josephine County Sportsman's Park, 7404 Highland Ave, Grants Pass OR 

July 13 - 18, 2017

Primitive and modern camps with RV hookups, drinking water, showers & toilets available. Only 3 miles from Grants Pass.
Ranges open at 0800. Relays last 30 minutes. The last relay starts about 4:00 p.m. Awards at 0900 on Tuesday.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 2017 Mini Rendezvous

Cool weather and a slightly overcast sky made a pleasant day for shooting at the May mini rendezvous. The course included one target to be shot off the bench and one round of clays to be shot with a shotgun. For the shoulder challenged the option was a pistol shot at a stationary target. There were 25 targets to clang, bang or knock over along with the rattle box, hanging eggs and card cut. Quite a few cards were cut that day although sadly not all shots cut all the way through. Hawk & knife throws were a separate event. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

CA State Muzzle Loading Championship

& National Territorials

May 10 - 14, 2017

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, 15501 Meiss Rd, Sloughouse CA

If you haven't participated this is a good opportunity to see what formal State and National competitions are about without leaving the state. There is more shooting than there are available days in both rifle and pistol. A small contingent of SCML will be there, hoping that more of us will join the competition.

For more information contact Neysa Bush - or 916-362-1469

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SCML & Sunnyvale Troop 463

     Boy scouts of assorted ages from 11 on arrived at Scotts Valley Sportsmen's Club on Saturday, Jan 21, 2017. Braving the cold and damp were a few good SCML men & 1 woman ready to share their unique sport with scouts, scout leaders and parents. Jack put the required SOP together that would meet SVSC and Scout requirements. Alan Ross was our Range Master giving the scouts an overview of muzzle loading and a safety briefing as well as managing safety on the range. Small caliber caplock rifles for the younger boys and Tim's lefty rifle were made ready for each scout to shoot 3 to 5 shots, depending on skill level. Paul Ray made simple, effective targets - paper plates with large orange circles in the center. Steven R's caplock was available for Steven C to load for his group. Our procedure of loading, capping and swabbing for each scout kept everyone safe and allowed time for each scout to be comfortable squeezing that trigger. Eager boys waited patiently as their fellow scouts took their turn.
     After all of the scouts shot their target some of the adults took turns. Then it was time for Alan, Tim, Kirk, Jack, Mike, Steve R, Steven C, Paul Ray, Sherry and Don to shoot the flooded out Dec 2016 make up aggregate target! When we were done the older scouts helped put target frames and shooting tables away. The scouts grilled burgers, brought potato salad, green salad, sodas and hot chocolate for lunch. 
     We've shared our sport with various scout troops before and it has always been a rewarding experience. The look of surprise and awe when that rifle goes off and that puff of smoke rolls out and then pulling a target with holes in it is priceless.

                                                  Jack opening the gate for Troop 463

Here is the thank you letter from Sunnyvale Troop 463.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of our Sunnyvale Troop 463 scouts, ASMs, Scout Master, and our scout parents a round of Thanks to the members of the Santa Cruz Muzzle loader members, and Scotts Valley Sportsmen Club for supporting the Black powder rifle event this past weekend.  It was truly exciting for all our scout (and adults) to learn about and shoot with muzzle loader rifles.  Truly a unique shooting sports for all ages to experience.

I like to acknowledge and recognize the our two distinguish individuals who's efforts and open dialog made this happen for all of us.  Both Hank Sielski and Jack Sohriakoff help to bring  the troop and SCML together for the shooting event.
A big thanks goes to the SCML members (Jack, Sherry, Alan, Kirk, Michael, Steven, Tim, Paul, and Don) for their mentoring to our junior shooter, many first timers, and some showing great marksmanship.  The smiles on our scouts and adults says it all.  We Thank you.

Commending the line goes to Alan Ross for the safety orientation and chief RSO.  Keeping everyone engaged and safe.  We hope that everyone did have an opportunity to enjoy the BBQ that our scouts put together and we hope that we will be welcome again for another future muzzle loader event with the SCML club.

We had a tremendous time at the range and an experience that the scouts will always remember. 

Yours in Scouting,

Wilfred Tsang & Hank Sielski
ASM Troop 463

RSO Alan discusses course of fire 

Scout Leader gets to shoot
Checking targets

Tim handles the left handers

Paul loads by cutting his patch on the
 muzzle then short starting the ball
before  ramming it home

Time for lunch compliments of the scouts

The End - Until Next Time!