Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Shoot

We had 13 shooters and ideal autumn weather for our "turkey" rifle shoot. Along with the odd dry ball or two we also had a ramrod shooting. Luckily for Mike it was a composite rod and neither shooter nor ramrod were badly damaged! It was decided that shooting your ramrod downrange counted as three dry balls.

"Turkey" winners were as follows: 
Paul Ray

Adam shot a 50XX on the 50 yd single bull target! Good shooting!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

SCML Range Rules Updated!!!!

The latest revision of the SCML Range Rules are now available.

Not just a good idea, it's how this game is played.  Read them, know them, abide them, and help your neighbor do the same.

These Rules encourage predictable, safe behavior, minimizing the opportunity for accidents which protects of all of us.

Follow this link and read ...

If you see errors, omissions, or mistakes, don't hesitate to mention this in the comments, to a Range Officer at your next shoot, and at the next club meeting.  It is VITAL that all of us together keep these rules complete and up to date.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Railroad Flat News

   The usual suspects were in attendance: Ron and JoAnn, Sherry, Paul, Mike, Bert and Patty, Leslie, Don, Frank, Rusty, Allen, Tim. Seldom seen but always welcome were Glenn and Barbara Hildebrand and Mike's daughters Annie and Rachael. Hope I didn't forget anyone! 

   The weather was hot and dry; the daytime heat kept the nights from getting too cool. The drive between Hwy 49 and Railroad Flat revealed stark reminders of the recent fires but the immediate area around RR Flat appeared untouched. The buffalo in the meadow across the road provided a picturesque backdrop to our fun.

   Of course we enjoyed a sumptuous potluck on Saturday night with the added treat of two birthday cakes - one baked by JoAnn and one baked by Frank - to celebrate Bert and Sherry's birthdays. 

   Overall attendance was quite good with several junior shooters and a couple of pee wees. 

Sunday awards were presented as follows:

Women's Pistol - 1st place - Sherry * 3rd place - JoAnn

Men's Pistol - 2nd place - Allen * 3rd place - Ron * 4th place - Paul

Hawk & Knife - 2nd place - Ron * 3rd place - Allen

Trade Gun - 2nd place - Ron

Flint Trail Walk - 3rd - Frank * 4th - Tim * 5th -Paul

Women's Trail Walk - JoAnn made a trip to the prize table with a score of 17

Men's Trail Walk - 3rd - Tim * Sorry but names were being called rather quickly so I don't have places but next called were - Ron - Paul - Frank - Glenn - Don - Mike

The next rendezvous sponsored by Mountain Ranch Muzzleloaders will be in April at Rail Road Flat. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Pumpkin Pie Shoot

Shoot for a pumpkin (or other) pie at the October rifle shoot. Pies, either baked or bought, will be awarded to the highest score per match. Only 1 pie per winner. Pies are donated by individual club members. Any extra pies will be raffled. The pie awards will take place after our regular meeting in the parking lot.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Storage Shed!

SVSC has a done a fine job of providing us with a sturdy new storage shed at the rifle range. 
During the lunch-time range closure today a few good men and one good woman moved everything from the CONEX shed into our new shed. It will need a bit of rearranging, but not much, after our next shoot. Big thanks go to Paul Nicca, Paul Ray, Ron Wisler & his truck, Will Shubin & his truck, and Sherry Pennell, for just being there.

Monday, June 22, 2015

July 4th Pistol Shoot Cancelled! 

July 18 Rifle Shoot Will Be a Mini Rendezvous! 

Location: Kirk Mathew's, 1200 Katie Lane, Corralitos

RSVP to Kirk at 724-6811 By July 15

Rifle trail walk includes hawk and knife throws

Blanket shoot and potluck to follow

Shoot fee - $6.00

Trail walk opens at 9 a.m.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SCML at the NMLRA Western National Shoot

The Sonoran Desert, with its amazing Saguaro cactus, is a stunning location for the Ben Avery Shooting Range where the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association hosts the annual Western National shoot. The range is near Phoenix and has camping sites available. 
Morning on the desert on the way to Ben Avery Range. Camping is available at the range with or without hookups surrounded by various cacti. Coyotes howl at night, wild burros bray and an occasional road runner has been spotted.

NMLRA President Rebecca Waterman & SCML President Paul Nicca 

Paul at home with his winnings. There is more shooting available than can possibly be done in the time allotted. Formal pistol and rifle aggregates and primitive aggregates (costume required) keep a person busy. And then of course there is always an SCML potluck!

Ron Wisler shoots the 1 of 1000 Match for SCML

Ron & JoAnn Wisler, Alan Ross, Paul Nicca, Frank Dennis, Jack Sohriakoff, Kirk Matthew, Rusty McGhee (hope I didn't forget anyone) did a fine job of representing SCML when it came time to garner awards. 

Check out 
pages 35 - 38 in the June Muzzle Blasts for pictures, scores and medal winners. 

New record scores were shot too!
Kirk Mathew - 25 Yd. Inline Offhand - score of 49
Rusty McGhee - Mt. Man Aggregate, Flint - score of 97
Frank Dennis - Mt. Man Aggregate, Percussion - score of 73

Monday, May 4, 2015

Three Things To Remember about target shooting

1.  Align the sights carefully
2.  Squeeze the trigger
3. Say "How did it get over there?"

Friday, May 1, 2015

Railroad Flat Results

Sunday wrapped-up another great rendezvous at Railroad Flat.  The turn-out was very good this year and SCML was well represented.

Lots of good shooting on Friday and while overnight showers persisted into Saturday, there was still some good scoring happening.  Of course, the rain on Saturday seems to become more fierce every time the tale is told.  Nonetheless, the club managed our trademark potluck despite the ravages of weather.

Sunday had SCML and its friends still on the firing as well as worrying logs with hawk & knife.  There's not a moment to spare at rendezvous.

Thankfully, JoAnn was able to chronicle how SCML members and friends did when all the scores were tallied.

Be ready to mark your calendars!  Railroad Flat puts on a Trailwalk Walk Rendezvous in October.  See you there!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

California state championships and NMLRA Territorials

The state championships and Territorials will be held May 9 through May 13 on range 11 at the Sacramento Valley Shooting center, 15501 Meiss rd, Sloughouse, Ca.  Whether your muzzleloader is a TC, a Lyman, or the $160,000 John Armstrong original that Stan was talking about at Whislers on Saturday, there are matches for you. We include almost all of the paper target matches from the territorial program (check the NMLRA website for details.) The state program includes lots more variety.  If it loads from the muzzle, bring it on and we'll find an aggregate for it.  If you need any more information, call me.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Railroad Flat Spring Rendezvous 2015

Our sister club, Mt. Ranch Muzzleloaders, hosts two rendezvous a year that has enjoyed strong attendence from SCML members. Join the gang!