Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Railroad Flat News

   The usual suspects were in attendance: Ron and JoAnn, Sherry, Paul, Mike, Bert and Patty, Leslie, Don, Frank, Rusty, Allen, Tim. Seldom seen but always welcome were Glenn and Barbara Hildebrand and Mike's daughters Annie and Rachael. Hope I didn't forget anyone! 

   The weather was hot and dry; the daytime heat kept the nights from getting too cool. The drive between Hwy 49 and Railroad Flat revealed stark reminders of the recent fires but the immediate area around RR Flat appeared untouched. The buffalo in the meadow across the road provided a picturesque backdrop to our fun.

   Of course we enjoyed a sumptuous potluck on Saturday night with the added treat of two birthday cakes - one baked by JoAnn and one baked by Frank - to celebrate Bert and Sherry's birthdays. 

   Overall attendance was quite good with several junior shooters and a couple of pee wees. 

Sunday awards were presented as follows:

Women's Pistol - 1st place - Sherry * 3rd place - JoAnn

Men's Pistol - 2nd place - Allen * 3rd place - Ron * 4th place - Paul

Hawk & Knife - 2nd place - Ron * 3rd place - Allen

Trade Gun - 2nd place - Ron

Flint Trail Walk - 3rd - Frank * 4th - Tim * 5th -Paul

Women's Trail Walk - JoAnn made a trip to the prize table with a score of 17

Men's Trail Walk - 3rd - Tim * Sorry but names were being called rather quickly so I don't have places but next called were - Ron - Paul - Frank - Glenn - Don - Mike

The next rendezvous sponsored by Mountain Ranch Muzzleloaders will be in April at Rail Road Flat. 

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