Monday, May 4, 2015

Three Things To Remember about target shooting

1.  Align the sights carefully
2.  Squeeze the trigger
3. Say "How did it get over there?"

Friday, May 1, 2015

Railroad Flat Results

Sunday wrapped-up another great rendezvous at Railroad Flat.  The turn-out was very good this year and SCML was well represented.

Lots of good shooting on Friday and while overnight showers persisted into Saturday, there was still some good scoring happening.  Of course, the rain on Saturday seems to become more fierce every time the tale is told.  Nonetheless, the club managed our trademark potluck despite the ravages of weather.

Sunday had SCML and its friends still on the firing as well as worrying logs with hawk & knife.  There's not a moment to spare at rendezvous.

Thankfully, JoAnn was able to chronicle how SCML members and friends did when all the scores were tallied.

Be ready to mark your calendars!  Railroad Flat puts on a Trailwalk Walk Rendezvous in October.  See you there!