Safety is paramount where firearms are concerned, thus the SCML strictly follow the safety guidelines and best practices as set by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Safety is encompassed in our Range Rules and must be implicitly followed. Below are some of our basic safety rules:

- The safety of competitors, range personnel, and spectators requires continuous attention by all to the careful handling of firearms, and caution in moving about the range.  Self-discipline is necessary on the part of all competitors, range personnel, and spectators.  Where such self-discipline is lacking, it is the duty of the range personnel to enforce discipline, and the duty of competitors to assist in such enforcement.

- Firearms are to be brought to the range in a case or cover and not handled until the range officer declares the range to be open.  When the range is closed between relays firearms are not to be handled.

- Hearing and eye protection is required.

- Capping, priming and loading is not allowed until the range officer opens the range.  Loading takes place at the shooting bench behind the firing line.  Fire arms will be carried between the loading benches and firing line with the muzzle pointed directly up.

- If a problem with a loaded fire arm occurs it is the shooter's responsibility to request assistance from the range officer.  Remain at the firing line.  No loaded firearms are to be taken from the range.

- No blowing down the barrel. Swab between each shot.

- All powder must be transferred from a separate measure to the fire arm.  Powder flasks, horns etc. must be kept closed except while dispensing powder.  No direct pouring of powder from the can except into the horn or flask.  There will not be any open containers of powder on the firing line or loading benches.

- Flintlock rifles should use a safety shield provided by the club.  Flintlock shooters must call out "flintlock" prior to firing.  All flintlock firearms must be loaded with the frizzen and the hammer in the forward position

- Patches shall be of cloth or paper from natural fibers only. Propellant is to be black powder or any BATF approved black powder substitute only.

- Children are welcome but must be supervised by an adult at all times.  Until age 12 children must shoot off cross sticks and an adult must load and place the gun in the cross sticks.  At age 12 if judged proficient they may load on their own and shoot offhand.  At age 16 they may choose to compete in adult categories.

- Guests should remain well behind the loading benches and should keep conversation at a minimum.  This is for their own safety as well as to minimize interference with the loading and firing sequence of shooters.  Exception: a guest may be invited to the firing line to shoot if a proficient muzzleloading shooter has loaded, capped or primed the firearm and remains with the guests during firing.

- No person shall be allowed to smoke on the firing line or near the loading benches at any time.  The use of or impairment from intoxicating beverages and/or drugs on the firing line is not allowed.

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