Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Rifle Shoot

Last Saturday was the 18th meaning a rifle shoot was to be had.  A baker's dozen of us showed for 5 relays of fierce competition.

With the upcoming Primitive matches at the Western Nationals in mind, the first target to warm us up was the familiar Bear Target.   Tim showed us how it's with the top score.  Not having the scores, my memory tells me he did it with a 49. 

Recommitting ourselves to safety in the New Year, volunteers took turns at being the dedicated Range Officer for each relay.  Here, Bert, wearing the vest, lends another set of hands to Alan while he convinces his rifle to wake-up and do its thing.

Older technology is entitled to get a little cranky sometimes so don't hesitate to raise a hand and call out for assistance when your smokepole gets grumpy.  Always remember that once you're at the line with a loaded rifle, you're stuck there like glue until the load is either fired or discharged.  

Forgot something from your bag?  Don't fret!  The Range Officer will get it for you. Range Officers stay on the line to the watch the line, so don't worry about getting their attention, you'll soon have it and soon be doing what you came to the match to do.

After the Bear Target, the next bit of fun was The Triangle.  Here it is in all its glory.

The object was to shoot three shot at each "x" in the triangle.  The winner being the one with the largest distance between the three shots as measured with a piece of string. Tim beat out your chronicler who in turn was bested by Ron and Pete who tied for first place on this fiendish trial.

The fun continued with Ron taking first on the Fox target, one of the other animal targets folks are likely to find on the Primitive Range in Phoenix.

I myself took first on the next target, I think only because it was of the round, mundane variety.   Though the next one was round and larger, but its size probably unnerved me as my score sunk as Pete rose to take first on January's Aggregate target.

While the shoot was underway, the friendly face of Mike Ostrander came along and the rest of him too.  A bad flipper kept him from shooting Saturday, but everyone appreciated his help watching the line.  And speaking of flippers, Sherry, our fearless leader, returned to range for the first time since she had her shoulder worked on. We're all keen to have these two back on the line with us very soon.

As it had been more than 5 years since a class picture, the shooters graciously posed for a portrait. If you look close, you'll see we're looking to find you at the next shoot.

Don't forget about the Awards Banquet this Saturday, January 25th.  Jack needs you to RSVP today! So don't delay!

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  1. The Boy Scouts will be visiting us on Saturday, April 19; our regular rifle shoot. This group will be older than last year's group, in the 12 to 17 years old range. There may be as many as 20 so the more SCML volunteer's the better. The boys will arrive around 1130 to observe, then when we have finished our last target and put most of our equipment away we'll show the Scouts how to make smoke! Using our own rifles and supplies; we will need to load for each Scout and accompany that scout to the firing line. Daniel Nagel, Scout leader, will provide targets. We donate materials and time and are rewarded with looks of awe and excitement on the boy's faces!